My name is Anup & I use this space to write articles or generally review things, situations, movies and sometimes, news. I occasionally update this site with my work, while working for different organizations or with work which has slipped through the cracks or been shortened. Besides this I’ll try to work on stand alone articles of my first loves like videogames and movies, if they don’t find space in any other organizations.

I have experience with :

  • Photoshop [Photo Manipulation, banner work, remixing and photo editing]
  • Archiving [Worked with The Caravan as a part of their photo archival project]
  • Basic Reportage and Features reporting [Worked with The Indian Express and VICE, working on multiple articles of varying lengths, transcribing, making coherent narratives and patiently working sources for different stories]
  • Photography [Provided accompanying photos for articles in both VICE and The Indian Express during multiple assignments]

If you have something interesting for me or something interesting to say, hit me up on twitter (@Crit93) or Instagram (@Crit93). Further, if you want to commission me to write something, contact me on twitter or my email (anupt93@hotmail.com) with all the relevant information, I’m currently based in Delhi, and have easy access to Chandigarh.

My written work has been published can be found here.

My photographs are available here.



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